Innov Eau” call for projects

Call for projects

Innov Eau

A national call for projects to supportinnovations in the water sector and help accelerate future solutions to market.

The Sustainable Tourism Fund has been open since 07/13/2023 as part of “France 2030”. It is managed by ADEME.

Who can benefit?
  • Companies alone or in collaboration, in particular with research organizations (not mandatory)
  • Public institutions (eligibility analyzed on a case-by-case basis)
What themes and minimum budgets?

THEME 1Acting upstream on natural resource management in a context of climate change, for example by deploying solutions based on sobriety and nature or developing stormwater management solutions at source.

THEME 2Saving the resource: Secure supply by effectively limiting water losses, and act on water uses, notably by promoting solutions for better management and maintenance of water networks, or by supporting new tools promoting sobriety and designed for optimized resource management in private homes, industry and agriculture (reuse of treated wastewater, process changes etc.).).

Theme 3Strengthening treatment to sustainably improve the quality of water and environments, in particular by innovating in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment processes, innovating in phytodepuration and so-called remediation solutions.

THEME 4 – Transversal – Developing digital and data for resource management, including projects to acquire, compile and analyze data to manage resource volumes and quality, develop water consumption monitoring and control, and decision support tools.

It is possible to respond to either one or several of these thematic priorities in a single project.

How to participate

Step 1: I check my eligibility

Step 2: I prepare my application

Step 3: I organize a pre-submission meeting

Step 4: I submit my application

Minimum project cost

0.6 million euros minimum

In overseas departments and regions, where this minimum may be reduced to 0.2M€ on each of the themes
This minimum of 0.2M€ may also apply for projects primarily implementing nature-based solutions