An international environmental label

Green Key

Every year in France, millions of vacationers and business travelers stay in tourist accommodations and visit restaurants. Today, they can choose to reduce their environmental impact and assert their social responsibility by choosing a Clef Verte-labeled establishment in France.

The 1st ecolabel for tourist accommodation and restaurants

Hotels, campsites, gîtes, meublés de tourisme, chambres d’hôtes, residences de tourisme, villages and vacation centers, youth hostels, restaurants, commit to a high-performance environmental approach with the aim of constantly evolving towards the best practices recommended by the Clef Verte.

Developed in France since 1998, the Clef Verte label is, in terms of the number of establishments awarded the label and its track record, the leading ecolabel for tourism establishments in France.

La Clef Verte offers a support process with consulting auditors and project managers. La Clef Verte supports tourist accommodations and restaurants in a sustainable development approach focused on 7 themes:

  • CSR policy and staff training
  • water resource management
  • energy savings
  • waste reduction and recycling
  • responsible purchasing
  • customer awareness
  • living environment

The Clef Verte team is on hand all year round to support players in the tourism industry, exchange best practices and advise them, in order to enable the development in France of sustainable, ecologically virtuous and socially responsible tourism.

To get involved

You can create your account on the professional area of the Clef Verte website and carry out your self-diagnosis (free and without obligation). Once you’ve clicked on “J’envoie mon dossier”, you’ll be able to start the process of obtaining the label (fees depend on the size of your accommodation).

2 establishments in the region have been awarded the label
  • The Le Pont Bleu restaurant in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer owned by Franck and Christine Leboucher, who are one of only 8 Clef Verte (environmental label) restaurants in France
  • The Camping Lez Eaux***** in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer has been Clef Verte-labeled since 2006, and is committed to protecting the environment through small and large actions on a daily basis