Granville Terre et Mer Tourist Office is committed to sustainable development

The Tourist Office raises awareness

The eco-responsible charter

As of 2018, the Tourist Office has implemented in conjunction with the Marque Qualité Tourisme™ an eco-responsible charter committing each member of staff. These commitments make it possible to control the impact of its activity on the environment.

Registered actions
  • Commuting: depending on where they live and the diversity of commuting and work, the team adapts its mode of transport: carpooling, public transport, cycling, walking…
  • Inside the offices: the team favors ventilation by opening windows and does not use air freshener sprays to preserve indoor air quality. The lighting system is automatic on/off.
  • During breaks: the use of tap water is encouraged, as is the use of a water bottle. Waste sorting is respected, and some organic waste is taken home to make compost.
  • Printing documents: double-sided and black/white is favored, and the format optimized. The reverse side of printed sheets is reused as a draft. Professional signatures include the words “Adopt the eco-attitude! Don’t print this email unless it’s really necessary.”
  • Editions : are printed on PEFC-certified paper, using vegetable-based inks, in an Imprim’Vert-labeled printing plant. Out-of-date brochures are collected by the ENCORE company.

At the end of 2019, the Tourist Office strengthened its sustainable development policy. Several steps have since been taken, such as:

  • The green challenge to reduce consumption of one of the following items: energy, water, paper… Since 2020, each year a balance sheet of our consumption of waste paper and editions has been carried out. Summary available here : I discover the OTI’s paper consumption balance sheet in 2022
  • A monthly green challenge to be taken up by the team focusing on mobility, food waste, reducing digital pollution, making biodegradable products… with supporting evidence (photos, testimonials…)
  • An internal newsletter composed of ideas for daily action (web articles, tips, portraits, fruit and vegetable calendar of the month, recipes from team members…)
  • A “sustainable library” space available to the team
  • Disseminating ecogestures and raising awareness of sustainable development through our various media (editions, website)
  • A new, more responsible purchasing policy for office and store supplies


Katy Bion, travel consultant (diary and store referent)

The newsletter shares news on the subject, sustainable tips for the office and home, recipe exchanges among team members, and the list of vegetables and fruit of the month. It’s a great way of sharing and encouraging us to change our habits.

And there's more to come...

The Tourist Office is pursuing its actions and wishes to actively support local players in these steps to contribute to a sustainable image of the territory, by itself being pro-active on the subject.

It also plans to be more active with visitors on site to also raise their awareness of ecogestures and good practices when they are staying on our territory.