Sustainable Tourism Universities

The not-to-be-missed event

Sustainable Tourism Universities

Les Universités du Tourisme Durable (Sustainable Tourism Universities) is a strong time for professionals to discuss the challenges of sustainable development as applied to tourism. Organized each year by the Association des Acteurs pour un Tourisme Durable (ATD), this event offers inspiring models, committed and constructive speeches, “networking” and conviviality. It takes the form of two days:

  • a 1st day punctuated by conferences, round tables and workshops
  • a 2nd day in the field to discover sustainable initiatives (experiments) in the host territory


The 2024 edition

The next edition of the Universités du Tourisme Durable will be held in October 2024 in Bordeaux.

Back to 2023

For this 9th edition, with water as its conductor thread, the scientists’ way was given pride of place with Dr. Heidi Sevestre (glaciologist) and Charlène Descollonges (hydrologist). Two powerful and constructive testimonies that gripped the assembly with emotion.

The afternoon of the first day was devoted to workshops. Granville Terre et Mer Tourist Office took part in topics relating to single-use plastics, wastewater recycling, low-resource audiences, Generation Z and the mutation of our professions.

Location: Aix-les-Bains

The 2022 edition

Caroline Mignon, President of ATD opened the event by quoting Aurélien Barrau, French astrophysicist and environmental activist: “Let’s start thinking seriously”. Then, Arthur Gosset and Hélène Cloître shared their vision and experience as students destined for a brilliant engineering career, with excerpts from their film RUPTURES. Thibaud Griessinger, an independent researcher in cognitive sciences, then spoke about the place of the human being in transition issues.

The afternoon of the first day was punctuated by various workshops. OT de Granville Terre et Mer took part in topics related to water resources, mass tourism and coastal resilience. Other workshops addressed future environmental obligations, the substitution of European and national customers for distant ones…

The following day was devoted to eductours. An opportunity to discover the coastal developments near Montpellier :

  • “le Petit Travers”, the beach of Montpellier residents, and its developments which have restored the site to nature
  • La Grande-Motte, a seaside resort sized to accommodate mass tourism as early as 50 years ago, and today classified as Europe’s greenest resort, an icon of 20th-century architecture

Skilling up, working on new economic models, networking, getting away from stigmatization (labels) were taken up several times.

Location: Montpellier