The #gourdefriendly movement


Gourd friendly

In 2019, Breton start-up HOALI has designed the #gourdefriendly concept, a network of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels… that agree to fill a gourd with water free of charge.

In partnership with the SMPGA (Syndicat de Mutualisation de l’eau Potable du Granvillais et de l’Avranchin) and HOALI, the Tourist Office of Granville Terre et Mer is launching the #gourdefriendly operation on the Granville Terre et Mer territory with the aim:

  • Lifting the brakes on tap water consumption
  • Reducing the use of plastic
  • Easing and democratizing the use of the gourd
The network of filling points to be set up

The ambition for the Tourist Office is to contribute, with you, to making Destination Granville Terre et Mer a sustainable territory.

That’s why we’re inviting you, free of charge, to strengthen the network of filling points and thus become part of the network of establishments (bars, restaurants, stores, hotels…) ready to fill passers-by’s flasks with water free of charge; and why not even fill the flask with other drinks depending on the takeaway price (e.g. tea, coffee).

For the moment, in addition to temporary public fountains on several of the summer’s major events – Sorties de Bain, Grandes Marées, Festival des Voiles de Travail… – 1 permanent fountain exists in Jullouville.

Thanks to the QR Code affixed to the gourd, users will be able to identify you via the mapping of distribution points, just like the public fountains.

Recycled and recyclable water bottle

A gourd displaying the logos of the entities, as well as the QR Code of the free water distribution points has been specifically thought out. For this, the Tourist Office called on ECOB, a young brand born in Strasbourg.

The 600ml gourd is graduated: a way of checking the quantity of liquid deposited.

It’s made of recycled glass: a healthy, unalterable material that allows us to measure its cleanliness. And it has a cork fabric cover to protect it from shocks.

It’s a 100% European product, assembled in the ESAT (Établissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail) Adapei Papillon Blanc de Selestat (67).

On sale now at Granville Tourist Office: €25.