The Green Team of the Tourist Office

The Tourist Office has created its green team

The green team

As part of its CSR approach, the Granville Terre et Mer Tourist Office team has initiated a team of 6 volunteer members called the “Green Team”.

Why a Green Team?

The main idea is to think as a team about societal actions to be implemented within the Tourist Office. The 6 staff members represent the whole team and suggest actions for the collective.

Teamwork encourages the pursuit of the common goal of ensuring that our actions have a positive impact on society. And thus to align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined directly by the UN.

The Green Team meets for 1.5 hours, twice a year.

Actions in progress

Contributing to the work of associations
Objective: To be part of a community of committed professionals.

Skills sponsorship
Objective: To enable employees to contribute their professional or human skills to carry out actions of general interest with associations during their working time.

Implement a vis ma vie / 24h
Objective: Gain a better understanding of the professions of our colleagues and/or counterparts in partner organizations.

Celebrate small victories
Objective: Create ‘victory’ moments at the end of each major project to accentuate recognition of work accomplished.

Testimonial from Benoit (green team member)

The initiative to set up this team, which emerged last year, has led to the implementation of actions to improve the quality of working life within the Tourist Office. This biannual meeting, which is always held in good spirits, is an opportunity to contribute ideas and exchange views on the proposals put forward by each member of the Green Team. Personally, it’s always a pleasure to contribute ideas and take part in these meetings, which I find interesting and whose actions are concrete and quickly put in place.