Prévithal 4* Hotel Thalasso and Marine Spa

Sharing best practices

Prévithal 4* Hotel Thalasso and Marine Spa

Marine Lecapelain, Accommodation Manager at Prévithal – Hôtel de la Baie 4*, opened her doors to us to tell us about their best practices in sustainable development.

Presentation of the plant

We are a 76-room hotel **** Thalasso et Spa Marin located since 2013, in Donville-les-Bains.

Aware of the ecological and environmental context, each department of the establishment operates, with a strong commitment, actions in favor of sustainable development:

– In the restaurant, our chef Aurélien Leclerc, certified Maître Restaurateur, favors working with products from the region and local partners, favoring short circuits.

– In thalasso, we operate with the seawater network in a short/closed circuit.

– In the rooms, fair-trade cotton linen is washed in such a way as to use as little water as possible and with environmentally-friendly products.

Examples of actions implemented
  • Waste reduction in the rooms (end of paper cups, eco pump for shampoo…)
  • End of individually packaged products at breakfast
  • Waste sorting by guests and staff
Action coup de coeur

We work with UNISOAP, a French association that recycles soap from hotels in order to significantly reduce soap waste and give access to hygiene products to those who can’t afford them.

Committing to more responsible tourism opens up the possibility of a different approach to work, notably through other modes of consumption, while at the same time enhancing the value of the establishment which, through its commitment to improving its ecological impact, is part of the awareness needed to safeguard our environment.

Testimony of Marine Lecapelain (Accommodation Manager)

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