The fishing port of GranvilleThe fishing port of Granville
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Become an Info Whisperer for Destination Granville Terre et Mer

It was with great pride that, a few months ago, we unveiled the website to create together the spirit of welcome to our Destination. Already 56 “info whisperers” are 3-star certified! Now it’s your turn to join the network!
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As we all know, you’re the first people visitors to Granville Terre et Mer come into contact with, and it’s very often you that they ask for visiting tips during their stay. With your knowledgeable, friendly advice, you make the customer experience unforgettable! Because we can’t do everything in two days or a week, you make them want to come back and consume (again) the area.

The benefits?

With this site, enrich your knowledge of the Destination and perfect your pitch to tourists thanks to this unique tool dedicated to our territory! Finally, proudly display your expertise to visitors, thanks to the “Chuchoteur d’infos” buttons!



Register on this site created by the Office de Tourisme Granville Terre & Mer in order to join the Chuchoteurs d’Infos network! Take part in short online courses, train yourself via fun games and finally test your knowledge to obtain official “Chuchoteur d’Info” recognition from Destination Granville Terre & Mer.

4 Units to discover

Knowing the Destination, good hospitality practices, building a sustainable welcome or learning how to use OTI tools, many subjects are covered in a fun and comprehensive way. Avatars of Tourist Office team members guide you along your learning path.

4 Units4 Units
©4 Units

Certify your knowledge

This platform is all about certification! Go to the 4 units, follow the courses, take the tests and earn your badges! Earn your 1, 2 or 3 star(s) badge and diploma: to do this, score 85% on the corresponding module tests. This will earn you your diploma(s) as an official “info whisperer” for Destination Granville Terre et Mer! Then display your 1, 2 or 3 star badge(s) for your customers to see, or in the window of your business!

Feel free to ask your questions and interact with us if you have any queries directly on the platform!

The little extra?

Registration and the course are entirely free! Available at any time, every day, it’s aimed at Destination tourism professionals, but also Ambassadors, shopkeepers, seasonal workers, secondary residents – in short, anyone ready to become an Info Whisperer!

The scheme is nationally recognized by the Fédération nationale des organismes institutionnels de tourisme.
The “Chuchoteur d’Info” tool was developed by the Boost’tic company and 50% funded by the Région Normandie.