Degustation Seafood platterDegustation Seafood platter
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The best places toEnjoy shellfish this summer

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For centuries, Granville Terre et Mer has lived to the rhythm of the sea. Today, the leading shellfish port in France, Granville boasts 200 sailors and 51 fishing vessels. The Destination is also the ideal place for shellfish farming, oyster farming, and mussel farming, thanks to 42 kilometers of preserved coastline in the heart of the Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel. The Granville Terre et Mer plate comes in iodized and salted varieties: Bulot IGP Baie de Granville, blue lobster and bouquet de Chausey (only from August 1), étrille but also clams and Oysters from Normandy. Discover the best places to dine on a seafood platter this summer!

Oyster bars

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The restaurants

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Where can I buy seafood?

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Discover fishing on foot :

to make your own seafood platter!

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Bouchot mussels

The perfect vacation dish

Tasting from mid-July to January, bouchot mussels can be enjoyed in most of the Destination’s restaurants, with something for everyone:


butter, shallots, onions and parsley, all drizzled with white wine.


butter, shallots, onions and parsley, crème fraîche, all drizzled with white wine too.

Camembert cheese

butter, shallots, onions and parsley, always drizzled with white wine, with camembert sauce to boot!


Other gastronomic treasures