Chabert 4 Credit Otgtm Simon Saussaye 2274 1920px 1Chabert 4 Credit Otgtm Simon Saussaye 2274 1920px 1
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Chabert 4

Graffiti artist and painter

Chabert 4 studied Fine Arts in Caen and also worked in child protection as a monitor-educator. Today, he runs painting workshops with disabled people.

Chabert Quatre

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What sets Chabert 4 apart from other artists are precisely his paintings with strange characters, where man is presented as subject.

In his paintings, space is fully utilized, the white void does not exist.

Drawing is his raison d’être. It’s a practice that allows him to relay things, states of mind, emotions beyond words.

His frescoes en plein air are to be discovered on Destination Granville Terre et Mer.

For the past 10 years, he has lived in Granville and enjoys recharging his batteries in the havre de la Vanlée.

Find him on his Instagram account: @chabertquatre

“I start from the principle that everyone can express themselves through art, it’s a means of expression accessible to all.”

Chabert 4


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