Clementine Halberstadt Ceramiste 02Clementine Halberstadt Ceramiste 02
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In love with the land

Originally from Caen, Clémentine Halberstadt moved to Granville 4 years ago. The nature is what attracts her, and she loves it wild and silent.

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Caennaise by birth, Clémentine Halberstadt moved to Granville 4 years ago. The nature is what attracts her, she loves it wild and silent. As a little girl, she loved getting her hands dirty while pawing the earth.

“The ceramist profession presented itself as an obvious choice, I’ve always had the fantasy of the artisan, alone in his workshop, working in peace and freedom, in his world.”

His source of inspiration is nature, but also and above all, the souvenirs d’enfance chez sa grand-mère.

“Ma mamie possait des petites tasses à carreaux et un bol breton que j’adoreais.”

Clémentine is very nostalgic for that period of her childhood when she spent a lot of time at her grandmother’s house. Her mealtime rituals in her popular crockery have left a lasting impression on her.

Take your time

Cultivating slowness

In this profession of ceramist, she loves working with her hands, and seeing an object appear at her fingertips gives her incomparable satisfaction. The unforeseen is omnipresent. She likes to combine blue and ochres, which remind her of earth and water coming together.

For over four years, she has been working with restaurateurs to supply them with the dishes that will host their dishes. Clémentine admits that she would be proud to dress the Destination gourmet tables.

She is currently working on incorporating darker rustic earths, russets or ochres.

When she’s not in her studio, she likes to visit the Vallée du Lude or to the secret little corners of the Havre de la Vanlée to get back to the heart of nature and silence.

Her adage: “cultivate slowness.”

In fact, she doesn’t much like to be rushed. She likes to take her time and always has. She likes to be confronted with a slow practice, and ceramics are ideal for this.

“I like objects to take a long time to make, to dry, to fire, to make themselves desired.”

Clementine’s creations come from her Atelier-poterie, 103 rue des Juifs in Granville.

And to admire it all from home, Clementine posts her pretty photos of ceramics on Instagram @clementine.halberstadt


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