Valerie Le Merrer Artist Granville 06Valerie Le Merrer Artist Granville 06
©Valerie Le Merrer Artist Granville 06|Estelle Cohier
Valérie Le MerrerInspired by the elements

Valérie Le Merrer

Valérie Le Merrer’s powerful yet melancholy marine paintings make her gallery a must-see on Rue des Juifs.

Granville Terre et Mer

Source of inspiration

The verdant country roads, the dunes caressed by the wind, the waves forming on a capricious sea, the old stones of centuries-old houses, the men and women working on the port, in the shops, in the fields…

All these aspects of Destination Granville Terre et Mer are so many inspirations for artists.

Like Valérie Le Merrer, they don’t hesitate to settle here permanently to quench an eternal thirst for creativity.

Close to the source

Valérie Le Merrer is a painter. It was love at first sight for her in 2004 when she was working as an advertising graphic designer. “A colleague, who knew of my love of the coast, asked me if I knew the Cotentin. The following weekend, I was on the west coast of La Manche,” recounts the artist from Côtes d’Armor.

She then returned to what had surrounded her throughout her childhood: embranes, rocks and robust wind-resistant plants. Nevertheless, she remains impressed by the height of the Normandy cliffs composed of a granite that is both powerful and soothing. It was then that she decided to settle in the region of Granville.



Valérie’s paintings always impress visitors to her galerie de la rue des Juifs. Through the selection of her colors and the touch of her brush, the artist imposes on the viewer the force of the elements, at once unleashed and perfectly in their place.

“When I contemplate the coastline, I sometimes feel this brief moment of plenitude. It’s fleeting, but everything is in its place. It’s harmony.”

The Costarmoricaine has no regrets about moving away from her native region. She remembers the feeling she had when she first discovered the Normandy territory:

“It’s always good to feel foreign to a place. Our perception is sharper. Our senses are heightened tenfold and we become available to our surroundings.”

You don’t walk around Granville, Granville walks around you

Valérie Le Merrer

Valérie then recalls her balades à Granville. “You don’t walk around Granville, Granville walks around you,” she laughs.

“Every neighborhood is different: you pass by the ramparts, the fishing port, then you get to the beach opposite the casino. It’s incredibly rich.”

In a wider geographical radius, the painter evokes the dunes, the bocage, the forests, and the imposing cliffs of Carolles and Champeaux overlooking the Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel.

See you at Valérie Le Merrer’s gallery, 52 rue des Juifs in Granville.


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