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AmandinePassionate, observant and creative!


Interview with a Destination Ambassador

Graphic designer and interior decorator Amandine, originally from Saint-Lô, had been coming to Kairon since she was a child…


Graphic designer and interior decorator, Amandine, originally from Saint-Lô, has been coming to Kairon since she was a child, to see her family and spend her vacations.

She has many memories here, including when she was a little girl selling sweet peas at the Jullouville market with her best friend. She lives in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer with her husband and little boy, William. All three of them live by the sea.

Her favorite spot is Carolles, the Cabane Vauban for its view over the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and Granville. She also likes, during high tides, to arrive at the port of Le Lude by the beach, to admire the different and surprising view.

Her favorite time is from autumn to spring: from the arrival of the geese at the destination, to their departure for Siberia.

“If you go to the beach at Jullouville on a Friday afternoon, say around 4pm, you’ll be able to see me and William, my son, enjoying a snack or with their feet in the water,” confides Amandine.


“Before embarking on this ambassador adventure, I used to share my photos for myself, as a hobby, and also to keep a record of them, like a family album.

Become an Ambassador

For Amandine, it was an obvious choice to be part of this adventure, as sharing is part of her daily life.

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