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Anne-FannyA sensitive blend of sport and nature!


Interview with a Destination Ambassador

A school teacher in Paris, Anne-Fanny returns to Carolles in 2020.


A school teacher in Paris, Anne-Fanny returned to Carolles in 2020. Mother of a 3-year-old Lucien, she wanted to settle in the land of her childhood where, according to genealogical research, her maternal grandfather’s ancestors, fishermen, lived. A keen sportswoman, she practices yoga, running, hiking and water sports on a daily basis. What she loves most of all are evenings out with friends in the atmospheric Granvillian bars.

Her favorite spot is the Vallée du Lude and the port of Le Lude to be precise.

Her favorite time is the winter season for its tranquility. She loves the feeling of solitude that reigns at this time and the privilege of being alone or almost alone in front of this grandiose nature. It allows her to look at life with philosophy and serenity. And for her, winter is also Carnival time, which she wouldn’t miss for the world.

“I wanted to return to a life surrounded by nature and fresh air.

I missed the sea in Paris! And above all, I wanted to offer the same living environment to my little boy that I had been able to have as a child. “confides Anne-Fanny


“The Vallée du Lude is steeped in childhood memories. When you’re on the road leading to the port of Le Lude, you never expect to come across this pebble beach. Every time I go there, I’m amazed.”

Become an Ambassador

For Anne-Fanny, it’s about showing others just how incredible our region is and the treasures it abounds in. She’s happy to share what she feels about the destination through her discoveries and activities.

If you visit the port of Le Lude at the end of the day, you may be lucky enough to spot Anne-Fanny taking photos.

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