View of Granville from the Coudeville-sur-Mer beach webcamView of Granville from the Coudeville-sur-Mer beach webcam
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Webcam of Coudeville-sur-Mer Plage

With its fine sand and pretty view of the Pointe du Roc de Granville to the south, Coudeville-sur-Mer beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Granville Terre et Mer destination. It is surrounded by Saint-Martin-de-Bréhal beach to the north and Bréville-sur-Mer beach to the south. Thanks to the Coudeville Plage webcam, you can admire the tides and sunsets in all seasons!

Webcam of Coudeville-sur-Mer beach - Panoramic view
Webcam of Coudeville-sur-Mer beach - Video

Donville-les-Bains webcam

North of Granville, opposite the Chausey Islands and at the entrance to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, Donville-les-Bains, a listed seaside resort in the south of the Manche department, is renowned for its coastline shaped by the sea, which over time has metamorphosed its cliffs and fine sandy beach.Donville-les-Bains, a listed seaside resort in the south of the Manche, is renowned for its coastline shaped by the sea, which has transformed cliffs and sandy beaches over the years, but there are many other treasures to be found here.

Webcam of Pointe du Lude at Donville-les-Bains - Panoramic view
Webcam from Pointe du Lude to Donville-les-Bains - Video

Saint-Pair-sur-Mer webcam

Casino beach

Saint-Pair-sur-Mer is a multi-faceted coastal community. Its history dates back to the early Middle Ages, when it was home to the village of Scissy. History buffs will be delighted to discover its church, rich in historical elements. Today, Saint-Pair-sur-Mer is a pleasant place to live and spend a vacation, just a stone’s throw from Granville: sandy beaches, seawall, entertainment, casino, small shops… You can also take advantage of the seawater swimming pool, where you can swim even when the sea is low.

Webcam of Saint-Pair-sur-Mer beach - Panoramic view
Saint-Pair-sur-Mer beach webcam - Video

Jullouville Webcam

Jullouville is a charming seaside resort typical of Normandy. Its street plan combines grid and radioconcentricity, giving the impression that all avenues lead to the beach and the lively town center. Its fine sandy beach lives to the rhythm of the tides in Granville-Chausey Bay, offering a fantastic playground for young and old alike, whatever the height of the water. Jullouville has all the charm of memories of seaside vacations, where carefreeness rhymes with childhood.

Webcam 1 Jullouville: Casino beach
Webcam 2 Jullouville: yachting beach - Panoramic view
Webcam 2 Jullouville: yachting beach - Video

La Haye-Pesnel Webcam

Located 18 km south-east of Granville, the commune of La Haye-Pesnel is a dynamic market town in the heart of the Normandy bocage. Its territory is bordered by the Thar River, which rises on the boundary between the communes of La Mouche and Tanu, waters the Bouillon pond, and flows into the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel at Saint-Pair-sur-Mer. Installed on the roof of the town hall, the La Haye-Pesnel webcam allows you to observe the town’s rooftops, the church of Sainte-Madeleine, the weekly Wednesday morning market on Place Charles de Gaulle, as well as the hills and countryside surrounding the town!

Webcam of La haye-Pesnel - Panoramic view