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Getaway for active seniors

about Destination Granville Terre et Mer
Follow the rhythm of the tides

Active retirees, choose Granville Terre et Mer in the off-season and discover the region’s heritage and culinary delights. Enjoy wandering around Granville and the Château de Chanteloup, or wandering through the narrow streets of the Haute Ville.

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Granville market

Saturday mornings

Start with the Granville market, where you can enjoy the lively atmosphere, meet local producers and fill your basket with shellfish, freshly caught fish and seasonal vegetables. Feast your eyes on the stalls and taste the salmon rillette from Saumonier Granvillais, goat’s cheese from Ferme de la Chèvre Rit

Stroll through the

Haute Ville de Granville

Once you’ve had your fill of flavors, take the Rue des Juifs, the artists’ street. Push open the doors of the galleries and meet the creators, artists, booksellers and craftsmen: contemporary artists, painters, ceramists, photographers, sculptors… Meet these passionate men and women. Discover their talent in the intimacy of their space. Cross the drawbridge and that’s it, you’re in Granville’s historic quarter, where you can enjoy a view of all the different facets of the corsair town. Don’t hesitate to stop off at Place Cambernon, at La Rafale, for a drink on the terrace before choosing your lunch break in a Granville restaurant.

Dive into the history of

château de Chanteloup

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