Sharing best practices


This month we bring you a focus on Amal Béna, at the wheel of her Foodtruck Aïda, she testifies and shares with us her daily actions.

Presentation of the plant

Above all, Amal wants to share with her customers the moments of happiness experienced in the kitchen with her mother “Aïda” and let them discover the sunny cuisine of her childhood and the nostalgia of her heartland, Lebanon, with her main aim: “To travel to Lebanon without going there”.

Examples of actions implemented
  • Purchasing products and raw materials in short circuits: organic and local products
  • Official certification: caterer certified 95% ORGANIC
  • Committed to zero waste: 100% of packaging is recyclable
  • Dishes sold in returnable jars: customers who play the game receive extra benefits to mark the effort made
  • Limiting carbon impact: delivery schedules are adapted to achieve the fewest possible kilometers. It even refuses to travel to markets that are too far away. Vehicles comply with European anti-pollution standards
  • Limiting food waste: cooking to order / wide choice of vegan mezzés


His credo

POSITIVE: always believing that things will change, besides, her first name “Amal” means “Hope” in Arabic….

I've been a certified organic eco-responsible caterer since early 2016. My cooking is homemade from A to Z! A few years ago, I had a real awakening

Testimony of Amal Béna (Owner)

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