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Le Pont Bleu

Franck and Christine LEBOUCHER have been the proud owners of the Le Pont Bleu restaurant in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer (Kairon plage) since 2002. The latter is one of the Clef Verte (environmental label) certified restaurants in France. Imbued with a strong sensitivity to sustainable development both personally and professionally, they share with us their responsible commitment.

Presentation of the plant

Our 25-seat indoor restaurant is a small, friendly structure with three employees and a loyal clientele. Our cuisine is intuitive and is always guided by Mother Nature. We are constantly adapting to fresh seasonal produce and arrivals. We cook 80% seafoodand organic vegetables. The restaurant holds the Normandie Qualité Tourisme label, the Maître Restaurateur title, assiette gourmande in the Michelin Guide and is Clef Verte-labeled.

Examples of actions implemented

Our societal policy is designed to encourage local employment through local purchasing and to promote organic and/or fair trade products. Our staff and suppliers are associated with this approach.

We have adhered to the Green Key label since 2013, following an impetus from the CCI. This international label is constantly evolving. It stimulates us, audits us and supports us in our environmental and societal approaches. Here are some of the sustainable actions implemented within our restaurant:

  • Cleaning products with ecolabel
  • LED light bulbs
  • Monthly energy statements for better energy management
  • Respect for seasonality when purchasing produce (vegetables, fruit, fish….)
  • Implementation of an eco-gestures plan for staff (water, energy, waste)
  • Following the guide listing endangered fish species
  • Using the whole product as much as possible to avoid waste (vegetable leaves, fish eggs…)
Action coup de coeur

We have asteam oven in the kitchen. I installed a bypass for the hot water rejected by the oven during use. The water is collected in 2 separate buckets, discharged at 90° and filtered. The water in the first bucket is reused for washing up, and that in the second for cooking vegetables.

Self-management: know your strengths and maintain them, and your weaknesses and develop them. It's urgent to act and get involved!

Testimonial from Franck and Christine Leboucher (Restaurant owners)

Why did you get involved?

For us, eating well means reducing the human impact on the environment by respecting the seasons, using local produce (short circuits) and promoting organic farming. It also means guaranteeing menus that are rich in flavor. The desire to act means understanding the link between customer satisfaction and product quality. Because protecting the planet is everyone’s business, we strive to make daily gestures (professionally and personally), which put together, will help save our environment. From sorting waste to reducing water consumption…

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