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Planning an event? If so, get your diary right!


In order to bring additional visibility to your event and offer holidaymakers and locals a most varied range of entertainment, we recommend that you advertise in our online diary.


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Your entry will be validated by our services and visible 2 days later (incompressible technical delay), by visitors and web surfers.

The procedure is simple, for each new event, we invite you to fill in the form below:

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A weekly export in paper format is given to our visitors on request all year round in our Tourist Information Offices and at certain key periods, it is also emailed to campsites and hotels in the Destination.
Your events are also relayed on our screens in the windows of the Bureaux d’Information Touristique in Bréhal, Granville, Saint-Pair-sur-Mer and Jullouville.

This publication and promotional service are free and this agenda is shared with all tourism stakeholders who wish to do so.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Katy Bion, Agenda referent at the following address: