Tips for making your offer visible (V.I.T.)

Important: new system for collecting your tourist information

L’Office de Tourisme Granville Terre et Mer is introducing V.I.T (Votre Information Touristique) this year. It’s a free tool that lets you update your establishment at any time of the year.

Thanks to this new access, you can update your data whenever you like, and any changes you make will be visible as soon as the Office de Tourisme Granville Terre et Mer has validated them.

The information you can access to update, modify or delete is basic, but necessary to ensure the quality of your data, and essential for the enhancement and promotion of your business. It’s therefore important that you be able to provide information on your establishment’s page, such as prices, opening dates and times… Don’t hesitate to sell yourself and say as much as you can about your structure.

Click on this link to access the V.I.T.:

(identification with your codes received by mail).

If you have several establishments, manage all their information from this single space.

You will find below some explanations to help you better understand how to update your tourism data.

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