Artist Mapie Belgary 03Artist Mapie Belgary 03
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Mapie BelGaryBronze chaser

Mapie BelGary

Metal painter and sculptor

Born into a family of artists, Marie-Pierre Bel graduated twice from the Ecole Boulle, first in art bronze mounting, then in chasing. She strikes with her chisels on copper metal, long steel tools whose heads enable her to imprint shapes or textural effects. An encounter that changed the course of her life and gave her the opportunity to acquire a 3rd skill, that of art turner, by becoming a student of a Master of Art for 3 years.


on bronze

With these three trades of the art bronzier, she was spotted by interior architects for whom she would collaborate for 25 years. She would specialize in the cast model, i.e., the first piece that would enable mass production.

In 2004, she decided to design her own chased bronze creations, bas-reliefs under the name of Mapie BelGary.

Then she transposed them to porcelain and marble powder and more recently to paper; the original remains in metal.

I chose metal because it’s a material that needs to be tamed; it seems cold, yet I put my warmth into it by working with it.

Mapie BelGary

The Mont-Saint-Michel prompted her to settle down in the Manche, in Cérences. A quest for spirituality!

She is very proud of her work of goldsmith, “a tribute to the Manche“, and the one entitled “on le sable” inspired by the havre de la Vanlée.

In the future, she hopes to offer chiseling workshops.


Mapie BelGary, rue des Douves à Cérences.

Receives by appointment. Special opening hours for holidays and school vacations.

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