Marie Claude Vergne, ambassador for Destination Granville Terre et MerMarie Claude Vergne, ambassador
©Marie Claude Vergne, destination ambassador|Manu CAMPOS
Marie-ClaudeCoupled with her camera...


Interview with a Destination Ambassador

Marie-Claude likes to say that she’s in a relationship with her camera…


Fallen from the sky in 2018 in Granville, Marie-Claude photographs the Granville Terre et Mer territory, up and down, length and breadth with as much enthusiasm as ever.

On vacation as a child, she used to come and stay at Saint-Martin de Bréhal, where her parents owned a house.

She used to be a painter, and for her, photography is different: it’s a snapshot that aims to make people react. At the age of 13, she asked her dad for a camera, and that was to be the start of a passion. 4 years ago, she returned to her roots, to the land where she has many childhood memories. Her favorite moment is at the end of the day, when the sun goes down, offering a beautiful luminosity. And if there are lovers kissing or young people on bikes, it’s even better.

It’s difficult for Marie-Claude to choose her favorite place, because she loves wide-open spaces, be they beaches or forests. And to make a choice for her would be too reductive. She’s particularly fond of photographing life, action and interaction. Let’s just say that her photos have to tell a story.

“I dream that one day someone will write a story through one of my photos. That my photo triggers an emotion, a desire, a memory, or even that it prompts the person to come or return to the place,” she confides.


“It’s powerful a photo, it’s a relationship with time. Photography creates a real bond with people, and that’s what I like.”

Become an ambassador

She loves to show people around her destination and share her photos, and she hopes that by sharing them, she’ll be able to teach those who don’t take photos.

If you go to the beach at Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, you have a chance to meet her.

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