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Cyril Guillaumin and Ludivine Delahaye

Restaurant L'Espiègle
Cyril Guillaumin and Ludivine Delahaye

We set out to meet Cyril Guillaumin and Ludivine Delahaye, chefs at L’Espiègle restaurant in Bréhal.

The Bréhal opportunity

Together, they opened the L’espiègle restaurant in Bréhal in 2022. Their menu changes every six weeks, as does a weekly lunch menu. This gives their most loyal customers a constant opportunity for culinary discovery. Ludivine’s versatility in both kitchen and dining room means that her wine list perfectly matches the chef’s dishes.

Cyril Guillaumin's career

Chef Cyril Guillaumin took his first steps in the kitchen at the “Apicius”, a two-star restaurant in Paris. It was then that his vocation was confirmed, and he embarked on an apprenticeship at the 3 Michelin-starred Bristol with Eric Frechon as chef. After two years of intense apprenticeship, Cyril embarked on a new adventure at Cyril Lignac’s Michelin-starred restaurant, “Le Quizième”, as demi-chef de partie for a year. On the strength of this experience, and wishing to move closer to the coast, he became sous chef in Rennes at the restaurant “La Fontaine aux Perles”, for two years. Gradually, the desire to be his own chef was born. He headed for the Manche to follow a friend in love with Granville. Ready for new challenges, he was selected to open the restaurant “Le Bistro’nomik”, where he was his own chef for 5 years, winning a Michelin Guide award in his first year.

Granville and its muse

I worked for two years in a restaurant in Granville, where I met my Muse.

Ludivine Delahaye's career

Ludivine Delahaye pursued her dreams of gastronomic stardom in the town of Chamonix, where she met Mickey Bourdillat, at the restaurant “Le Matafan”. “A fabulous chef, passionate about both cooking and passing on his know-how.” She then did a stint in Rennes at the Michelin-starred “IMA”, a restaurant with an open kitchen and close proximity to customers, little did she know that this ambition to be in contact with customers would be at the heart of a project a few years later. After a few years of gastronomy, Ludivine took up a position as second chef in Granville for two years, in a restaurant not far from Bistro’nomik.

Back to basics

Returning to our Norman roots was essential.

A project for life, a project for balance

As passionate and loving as ever, our two cooks welcomed a little boy. Family balance became their priority. After an intense year between a chef’s position at Bistro’nomik and a second chef’s position at L’Albatros in Bréville-Sur-Mer, the opportunity in Bréhal was an obvious one.

Our ambition

For Cyril and Ludivine, it’s important to work with local producers and encourage short circuits. They want to work “better” but always as well, respecting the seasonality and proximity of their products. They appreciate the personal balance that the restaurant brings them, and look after that of their team.


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