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Philippe Leroy,I've been fainting since I was a kid

Philippe Leroy, apple-polished from an early age

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I planted my first apple trees in Coudeville-sur-Mer 16 years ago. I previously had another business in Seine Maritime, first in banking and then in real estate.

In 2020, I took a year’s training at the “Le Robillard” agricultural college in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives. I’m basically from a farming family, so it’s a sort of return to my roots for me.

What types of products do you offer?

I produce cider, apple juice, perry and pommeau. So I sell all the beverages from Normandy, with the exception of Calvados. All organic and with no added sulfites. This appeals to visitors looking for typical Normandy products.

I sell my products mainly direct from the farm. They can also be found at the Granville Biocoop. I also supply restaurants such as the Ibis hotel “Le Hérel” or “Le Relais des îles” in Coudeville-sur-mer.

Interested parties can also visit the cider house, on request. This works very well; I’ve already had the opportunity to welcome up to 40 people. Visitors are delighted to learn about the different stages of my production.

Interested parties can also visit the cider house on request. This works very well, and I’ve had up to 40 people come to visit me. Visitors are delighted to learn about the different stages of my production.

What characterizes you?

I’m convinced that the apple has an extraordinary aromatic richness. All the families of aromas are represented in apples, and the manufacturing technique will enable them to be revealed.

The cows are at the foot of the apple trees and participate in the natural enrichment of the soil, so I don’t use any fertilizers. I’ve also encouraged the nesting of swallows, which feed on insects and so naturally protect my apple trees, so I don’t use any insecticides. I leave the apples to ripen in the grass once they’ve fallen, so that they can reveal all their aromas. They are then packed by hand, so as not to damage them.


Do you have any tips for tasting cider?

The cidre is very suitable as an apéritif with its 4° alcohol, its fruitiness and acidity make it ideal for dégustation. It also goes very well with meats, cheeses and of course apple tarts!!

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.


Ferme Cidricole, domaine M. Le Girard,

3 Mesnage Girard


T: 06 22 98 81 89