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Léo and AdrienParagliding instructors

Léo and Adrien

Paragliding instructors

Léo (Parapente en Baie) and Adrien (Manche Parapente) are both passionate about paragliding and have made it their profession. Focus on these two instructors.

Léo & Adrien

Paragliding and nature enthusiasts
Leo Parapente En Baie
Léo HamardParagliding in the Bay

Léo has been immersed in the world of paragliding ever since he was a child, thanks to his father and big brother Honorin, already a World Champion. Watching them take off from the edge of the cliffs at Carolles and playing close to the ground with their wings was a dream come true for him.

For me, paragliding is a family affair.

It was in the Jura region of France that Léo learned the basics of hang-gliding at the age of 14 during an introductory course. He went on to perfect his skills in Champeaux, Carolles and Granville. After obtaining his “brevet fédéral de pilote confirmé ” in 2011, Léo continued to compete, becoming a paragliding instructor in 2015. After 16 years of practice, including 5 as an instructor for a school in Suisse Normande, Léo created ” Parapente en Baie ” in 2020, and now offers first flights all year round at the launch sites of his childhood.

Adrien Manche Paragliding
Adrien ValogneParagliding handle

It was while watching an episode of UshuaïathatAdrien decided to take up paragliding. He was fascinated by the sight of paragliders taking off from a Bolivian volcano at an altitude of 6,000 metres, only to come down again gently.

As a child, I was always attracted to aerial activities […] “.

After graduating from high school, Adrien moved to the mountains and worked in a ski rental store. He began to take up paragliding. A few years later, in 2012, he trained as a rope access technician. After 2 years in this field and 7 years of free flying as a hobby, Adrien decided to take his BPJEPS paragliding diploma. He then set up his ” Manche Parapente ” first flight activity in the Granvillais area in the summer of 2015. He is now approaching his 9th season with the same level of serenity and pleasure.

No fear of heights, good weather and

maximum sensations

For those who fear heights or vertigo, our instructors assure us that all these sensations disappear as soon as you cut all ties with the ground. The ideal weather for tandem paragliding here is a wind of between 22 and 30 km/h, at right angles to the cliff. Low tide and (ideally, but not necessarily) sunshine. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the flight is postponed. For Léo, paragliding provides indescribable sensations that need to be experienced to be felt. Without a motor, paragliding offers a peaceful experience punctuated by adrenalin.

Take-off sites

unique in France

Adrien and Léo have flown at various locations in France and around the world, but Granville remains their favorite spot.Granville offers a breathtaking view of the whole town and its port, from the ramparts of the upper town to the “Cap Lihou” lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula.

This rocky point jutting out into the sea, with the town sitting on top of it, makes this site unique and atypical. The colors are different from one day to the next […]”.

The Champeaux and Carolles sites offer a wilder landscape, with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Manche Parapente offers first flights from April to September/October and Parapente en Baie all year round. In winter, you’ll just have to dress a little warmer, but there are also some very beautiful colors to be seen. Without a motor, paragliding offers a peaceful experience punctuated by thrills!


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