Lisa Et Fred Zostere Credit Photo Frederik ChevallierLisa Et Fred Zostere Credit Photo Frederik Chevallier
©Lisa Et Fred Zostere Credit Photo Frederik Chevallier|Frédérik Chevallier
Lisa and FrédérikGuardians of the Chausey Archipelago

Lisa and Frédérik

Coastal guards

Frédérik and Lisa, SYMEL’s coastal guards, monitor the health of theChauseyarchipelago on a daily basis and ensure its preservation.

The Chausey archipelago

A unique ecosystem

17 kilometers off the coast of Granville, theChauseyarchipelago, a Natura 2000 site, has an ecosystem that is unique in the world. Frédérik and Lisa, who have just joined the SyMEL team, monitor the health of this archipelago on a daily basis and ensure its preservation, as coastal guards. Their mission on Chausey is to preserve all the site’s natural areas: the public maritime domain, which covers 5,000 hectares, and the 3,000 hectares of foreshore. On a daily basis, Lisa and Frédérik raise awareness and provideinformation, as well as carrying out scientific management and monitoring activities. The coast guards, who are commissioned and sworn in, can also draw up a report in the event of an infringement of the environmental code. They visit the islets aboard their boat , the “Zostère”, which refers to the protected aquatic plant used as habitat and food by many fish and shellfish. These eelgrass beds are subject to environmental monitoring and regular water sampling to measure the impact of yachting on this protected plant.

Thanks to a microlight overflight carried out at each high tide (coef 100), the wardens are able to estimate the number and position of pleasure boats and fishermen present on Chausey. They welcome researchers and ornithologists and can provide them with logistical and scientificsupport. They are also in charge of anchorages in the Sound, and monitoring the grey seal population.

When a yachtsman or fisherman destroys an eelgrass bed, he is destroying the resource.


In 2022, the two Chausey coastguards have launched an educational marine area: an educational and eco-citizen project with Granville’s André Malraux secondary school. The aim is to get schoolchildren involved in protecting the marine environment, carrying out scientific surveys and acquiring knowledge in this field.

Both passionate, professional divers, they spend 220 days a year on the archipelago and have expertise in marine biology. Being a coast guard on Chausey requires a real commitment. When some people think they’re cut off from the world, especially in winter, Frédérik replies, ” I’m not cut off from the world, I’m in the middle of it.

I’m not cut off from the world, I’m in the middle of it.


If you go to the Grande Grève at sunset, you’re likely to bump into Lisa, and for Frédérik, it’s the rock next to the American Stone that offers a view of Port-Homard.


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