Sebastien Provost Lea Guillotte 02Sebastien Provost Lea Guillotte 02
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Sébastien ProvostPassionate about birds and marine life

Sébastien Provost

Sébastien Provost’s passion for nature and birds began when he was a teenager in Normandy, where he lives. Discover his portrait.

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The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is one of Sébastien Provost‘s favorite playgrounds, whatever the season. Sébastien worked for the Groupe Ornithologique Normand for sixteen years, as an ornithologist and organizer, and one day decided to set up his own company,“Birding“. Sébastien offers discoveries of marine fauna in summer (dolphins, seals and birds), migrations at Carolles in autumn (one of the first sites in France) and themed outings all year round.

Nature outings

all year round

In July and August, Sébastien invites you to join him in discovering marinemammals and birds, as far as Chausey and Les Minquiers, with the Jolie France launches. Over three months, from September to November, Sébastien invites you to the Cabane Vauban in Carolles to observe up to 100,000 birds in a single morning (mainly tree finches from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe). At sea or on land, on the launch or aboard the “Birding Bus”, Sébastien invites you to get up close and personal with the wild fauna, to learn how to recognize local species and understand their behavior.

Natural spectacles


My fondest memories are off the coast of Chausey, with the bottlenose dolphins and grey seals, but also at Carolles, on the migration bridge, with the occasional irruption of thousands of titmice… Incredible natural spectacles!

Tip: in Carolles, lean against the Cabane Vauban towards Granville and watch the migrations with your naturalist guide. Consult the outings calendar


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