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SylvainCreator of a green mini-golf course!

Sylvain Cléraux

Handmade and green

Come and discover Sylvain and his Green Minigolf, in the heart of nature!

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Creator of Green Minigolf

Chtak! Zwip! Fizz! Looping, bouncing, secret tunnels, Normandy bridges, fountains that are magically triggered – these are the sounds you’ll hear when you arrive at Sylvain’sGreen Minigolf, in the heart of nature! In 2015, he went on vacation to the Périgord with his family, and it was there that, as a golfer, he was even surprised to find that he enjoyed playing minigolf. On his return to Normandy, he decided to visit the mini-golf course at La Baleine, near Gavray. It was then that his desire to create a unique place in his own image became a reality. A former carpentry and fittings teacher at the Lycée Professionnel la Roquelle in Coutances, he embarked on the construction of this new project, and above all as he conceived it: wood, vegetation,originality and also little metal beasts that he welded himself. It took him barely a year to bring this living showcase to life.

Sylvain advises you to be at least 6 years old to play the course. Allow around 1h15 to complete the 18-hole course, and for a group of 4 people. Since 2018, and as he does every year, Sylvain has enjoyed adding to, changing and inventing new obstacles to satisfy his loyal clientele. In season, it takes him 10 hours each week to maintain his mini-golf course, and five weeks each year to prepare it for opening. In the morning, if you arrive at dawn, you’ll see Sylvain, the enthusiast, passing the blower over each hole because he likes it to be well maintained. The holes he’s built and is most proud of are n°6 for its technicality, as it’s very easy to get off the course, and n°18 for its aesthetics. The latter is adorned with agapanthus.

In addition to the mini-golf course, he offers self-made wooden games. They are ideal for prolonging the moment of relaxation for visitors, or for keeping them waiting.

For Sylvain, the ideal time is 7 p.m., because there’s no waiting and the light is beautiful. At night, until 11 p.m., he can test his luminous balls.

When he’s not at his mini-golf green, he likes to go to the Bréville-sur-Mer or Saint-Martin-de-Bréhal golf courses.

He confides that it is possible to privatize his mini-golf course, except in July and August.

Text co-written by Élodie Resbeut – ambassador for Destination Granville Terre et Mer – and Estelle Cohier, communications officer.


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