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ÉlodieDynamic, hot-headed and always a backpacker!


Interview with a Destination Ambassador

A 37-year-old nurse and Granvillais by birth, she returned to her home port in 2017…


A 38-year-old nurse and Granvillaise by birth, she returned to her home port in 2017. Her childhood was punctuated by scouting. Passionate about escapism and travel, at the age of 19 she set off for two months backpacking in Central America. This was to be followed by more than 25 countries crossed!

From 2005 to 2017, she never stopped traveling, even taking a year-long round-the-world trip. She just returned to Granville to work to finance her travels. In 2017, she is back for her sister’s wedding. The family spirit touched her and she rediscovered Granville.

Very sensitive to alternative medicine, she loves both simple and refined things. She is passionate about oenology and a fine gourmet. She loves to hunt and find small pieces of furniture to restore.

Her favorite spot is under the semaphore and also under the château de la crête, on the coastal path, with a breathtaking view of St Pair on one side and Granville on the other.

Her favorite moment is the blue hour on the destination and the street arts festival “Les Sorties de Bain” in July.

“When you travel the world alone, you learn about yourself and others, you’re never really alone; it’s the school of Life in the broadest and most global sense of the term,” confides Élodie.


“When I feel good somewhere, I stay, and that’s what I’ve done,” she admits.

Become an Ambassador

For Elodie, being an ambassador is a philosophy, a set of values, a way of spreading the word about Granville Terre et Mer, a way of ensuring that people who are passing through feel good when they leave. And above all, the desire to come back after a rich experience. It’s the pleasure of sharing. It’s the mirror effect of kindness, sharing and positivity.

You can spot Élodie with a book in her hand, not far from the Marité.

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