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Learn to fishthe clam on the mark!

Learn to fish for clams by the mark

Learn the basics of responsible fishing at Bricqueville-sur-Mer!

With Maxime

and volunteers from the APP2R association


APP2R – 07 85 77 90 26 – registration required


5€ for adults and free for children aged 3 to 12.


2h30 approx.


The beach hut at Bricqueville-sur-Mer

Practical info

Bring your own bucket and a clam knife. No rakes.


a mobilized association!

On this low-tide day, you’ll meet at the Cahute de la plage de Bricqueville-sur-Mer, near the Havre de la Vanlée.

There you’ll meet Maxime Spagnol, foreshore mediator from theAvril association, in partnership withAPP2R (Association pour une Pêche à Pied Respectueuse de la Ressource) and its volunteers .

Since 2008, APP2R has been working to promote recreational fishing that respects the environment and thebalance of ecosystems.

You’re intrigued because you’ve come without tools, just your bucket and a clam knife. Maxime explains the current regulations, and you head out onto theforeshore.

A site adulated for

fishing on foot

The beachesofSaint-Martin de Bréhal and Bricqueville-sur-Mer have a wide foreshore and abundant clam resources which attract large numbers ofanglers, up to 3,000 in a single day at high tide.

The main technique used to extract burrowing shellfish, includingclams, is the use of scraping tools. The problem is that they are often used blindly, which contributes to damaging theforeshore. Maxime and the volunteers explain a technique that ismore respectful of the site: finger and eye fishing.

Keep your eyes peeled...

Mark fishing, or finger andeye fishing, involves spotting the marks left by clams when the foreshore is uncovered.

You’re all gathered around Maxime, or one of the volunteers, who shows you the technique, eager to put this new skill into practice. You have to spot a small crater in the sand, then slide your finger in to feel for a clam.

Obviously, getting it right the first time would be too good! At first, you come up empty, or think you’ve found a clam and end up with an empty shell! A good-natured atmosphere sets in, with a little competitive spirit.

Clams are yours!

Then the first cries of victory arrive! Of course, you check that the size is right, and maybe even come across another edible shell or other little treasure.

You continue picking, or ask Maxime more general questions about the foreshore’s biodiversity. But the clock is ticking and the tide will soon be coming in!

Once you’ve filled your bucket according to the authorized quota, you head back to the Cahute, after taking one last look at this tasty goldmine, which you realize needs to be preserved so you can continue to enjoy it in the future… Maybe this will even inspire you to become a volunteer yourself and educate other budding fishermen?