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I fly like a bird in the heart of theMont-Saint-Michel Bay

I fly like a bird in the heart of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

Léo invites you to enter the world of 100% seaside paragliding, in the unique setting of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

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With Léo

Léo Hamard


Léo Hamard

Paragliding in the Bay

06 26 08 84 44


from €70 to €150 – video option available on request.

Payment methods accepted: cash, cheque or credit card.

Reservations and calendar available at


10 min to 25 min.


3 flying sites :

Champeaux(Point de vue) Carolles(Parking de la Croix Paqueray) Granville(Pointe du Lude)

Practical info

The time and place of the meeting will depend on the weather.
If the weather conditions are not good, the flight cannot take place for safety reasons.
The flight will then be offered on another date.

Set a course for great sensations!

The rendezvous is at Champeaux. Between bocage and cliffs, the site offers a breathtaking view of the Bay. There’s no doubt you’re in the right place, on the most beautiful kilometer in France.

With both feet on the ground, Léo equips you with a harness and helmet. After getting acquainted, you prepare for takeoff. Your heart is pounding… You can feel that you’re in for a real thrill!

Léo gives you the safety instructions and tells you what to do: “Stay upright, with your head straight and your eyes on the horizon. Once the sail is up, take a few energetic steps forward.

At this point, your feet gradually leave the ground. Welcome to the third dimension!

An immersion

in the heart of nature

In the air, comfortably seated, we become one with nature, enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

The view of Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay is breathtaking. The colors are astonishing, especially in winter after the grain has fallen. In the distance, you can see the beach huts of Saint-Jean-le-Thomas and its beach. You fly over the GR223 and its hikers. Léo tells you that they love it when you say “cuckoo” to them!

And when Mother Nature allows, you can fly over the Cabane Vauban, and even catch a glimpse of the Cancale oyster beds in the distance.

I'm in charge

like a pro

When you’re comfortable and conditions allow, Léo invites you to take the controls for a moment and get into the pilot’s skin!

A local boy and paragliding enthusiast for 14 years, Léo will be delighted to tell you all about his homeland and his many trips to national and world competitions with his brother and father, themselves competitors. A family affair!