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New for 2024Budding beekeeperin Carolles

Budding beekeeper in Carolles

In Jacky’s apiaries, you’ll enter the world of bees and discover the secrets behind the production of“Bon Miel de la Baie“.

With Jacky

Jacky Lebon


Jacky Lebon06 84 78 59 62


From 3 to 6 people: Adults: €20 Children: €12 Experience available on request from April to July, weather permitting.


2 hours


RDV parking lot in front of the Guérinière campsite – 50740 CAROLLES

Practical info

Beekeeper’s outfit provided, but you’ll need to bring your own boots, loose-fitting pants and a fleece jacket (children and parents).

Adventurous diving

in the heart of the beehives

with Jacky

From the moment you arrive, Jacky welcomes you with enthusiasm, ready to guide you through this adventure. He adapts to each person, asking questions to understand your expectations and your knowledge of bees, while sharing moments of closeness and laughter. Any initial apprehensions quickly vanish into thin air as Jacky helps you don your beekeeping equipment. You slowly make your way to the hives, where the sweet smell of honey wafts through the air. Through a glassed-in educational hive, you watch the bees go about their fascinating, never-ending tasks. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: the opening of the hive. Your heart beats fast, your excitement mounts as you are surrounded by the gentle bustle of these industrious creatures.

Secrets are yours


Jacky shows you that bees are not aggressive creatures. Children, in particular, are amazed and gain confidence, ready to get even closer to these little flying miracles. Jacky invites you, under his watchful eye, to carry out a manipulation such as finding a queen and marking her, transferring a hive into a beehive, or any of the other manipulations that beekeepers need to carry out to keep their apiaries in good working order. Of course, you’ll be provided with the necessary equipment. Children and adults alike are encouraged to gently stroke the bees, breaking the barrier of fear and giving way to wonder. As the tour progresses, Jacky witnesses your transformation. Uncertain glances turn into bright smiles, hesitant gestures into confident caresses.

From the apiary

at the table

You’ll discover bees from a whole new angle, using all your senses: sight, hearing, the intoxicating smell of the hive, and even the taste of honey straight from a frame. Because after the effort, the comfort! At the end of the visit, away from the apiary, Jacky lets you taste different honeys and offers you a small sample of his bees’ honey to prolong the experience at home. This honey is unique to the Destination. At Carolles, the bees forage in unspoilt wilderness, the apiary surrounded by orchards and chemical-free market gardens. With the rhythm of the tides, under the influence of the salty air and wild flowers, the honey has a unique and rare taste. It’s a natural honey, unblended and unheated. Jacky raises bees for their well-being. Productivity is not the goal. At the end of your adventure, you’ll come away changed and enriched by this unique experience. This experience goes beyond simple discovery. It awakens a deep respect for the vital role they play in our ecosystem. Children, in particular, fall under the spell of bees, taking with them precious memories and the desire to return. Why not come back for the honey harvest in May and August?