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Compose your own seafood platter... from A to Z!

Compose your own seafood platter… from A to Z!

Instead of ordering it ready-made, fish it yourself and prepare your own seafood platter! When you think “seafood platter”, the image comes to mind of large, plentiful, well-presented containers that delight the taste buds. But have you ever imagined enjoying a seafood platter that you’d put together from A to Z, from fishing to tasting? Here at Destination Granville Terre et Mer, it’s possible, and we’ll tell you how.

Stage 1: fishing on foot

No need to go to the fishmonger’s, just put on your boots or old sneakers and take advantage of the low tide to go and collect these precious resources which bathe in the Bay of Granville-Chausey. Clams, clams, cockles, curlers, mussels and even lobsters, for the more experienced, can be caught on the sand or in the rocks. Here you’ll find all the recommendations and, above all, the regulations for shore fishing. Take care to preserve the freshness of your catch and bring it home.

Step 2: drain your shellfish

Once back at home, it’s time to clean your precious catch thoroughly, so that you can eat it in the best possible condition. For crustaceans, there are no special instructions, but for burrowers (clams, razor clams, cockles…), it’s essential to drain them. To do this, you can use seawater that you’ve brought back from the place where you fished (otherwise, take tap water and add 35 g of salt per liter). Filter it to remove sand, pebbles and any other little things that may be lying around. A colander, sieve or paper towel will do the trick. Leave your shellfish in the clean seawater for a good hour, then repeat the operation, filtering the seawater again. After a while, there will be almost no sand left in the bottom of the container. If not, start again!

Step 3: Cook your seafood and prepare your platter

In a traditional seafood platter, the products are presented in the most standard way possible. Everyone then adds bread, butter, mayonnaise, lemon or vinegar. However, there’s nothing to stop you preparing your cockles with a little garlic and white wine. You should also know that a bouquet garni is essential if you’re going to cook a few whelks or a spider crab that you’ve chosen on the market to generously complete your platter.

And why not

a tray

You’ve got some seafood, but find it lacking in variety? Enhance your composition with a few local products. Andouille, rillettes and saucisson will always delight charcuterie lovers. Then a few well-chosen pieces of cheese can easily complete the picture: a bit of cow’s tomme or a half-dried goat’s cheese crotin will never last long on the table. Of course, don’t forget to accompany all this with a bottle of your choice.


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