Les Moules De Bouchots Credit Otgtm Estelle CohierLes Moules De Bouchots Credit Otgtm Estelle Cohier
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Bouchot musselsThe perfect vacation dish

Bouchot mussels

Tradition and quality

The Bouchot mussel, like the whelk, is synonymous with tradition and quality in Destination Granville Terre et Mer.

His soft, fleshy, orangey flesh always knows how to delight connoisseurs. You can taste it from mid-July onwards at our restaurateurs or buy it from our poissonniers. You’ll also find it on the various markets or direct from our mussel farmers, allowing you to cook it at home.

Contrary to popular belief, the mussel can be enjoyed from July to January.

Breeding requires care!

The spat, young mussels, are caught in the open sea on horizontal ropes some fifty meters long, in April, then moved from June onwards to the bouchots, where they mature further. The rope sections are wound spirally around the piles, surrounded by a large-mesh net. Harvesting takes place the following year, between June and July, when the mussels have had full time to develop and grow.

Sylvain LEGOURGEOIS, mussel farmer, Bricqueville-sur-Mer

Sylvain LEGOURGEOIS offers direct sales:

  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm.
  • 106 bis route de la Vanlée in Bricqueville-sur-Mer
  • 06 42 84 05 93
Local production

16,500 tons of mussels are produced in the Manche department, including 5,500 tons a year in the Destination Granville Terre et Mer area between Donville-les-Bains and Bréville-sur-Mer, with 30 operators covering 96 kilometers of bouchots.

Jean-Marc JACQUETTE, Project Manager, CRC Normandie
The mussel from


Sébastien Née, from Petit Mareyeur, suggests sampling the moule de Chausey. The Chausey mussel evolves in a category A shellfish water quality, which allows direct consumption.

1,200 tons of moules de bouchot are produced on the archipel de Chausey including Organic mussels, from mussel farmer Pascal Lesouquet.

Good to know
Mussel fishing is prohibited within 3 meters of bouchots mussels. For holidaymaker safety reasons, it is advisable not to approach the mussels bouchots. The concessions are private places which require respect for the work of the mussel farmers.


The recipe!

For recipe ideas, head to Tom’s Grange in Champeaux where chef, Damien GOURDEL, gives pride of place to the moule de Bouchot.

“I am particularly attentive to the provenance of my products as well as the quality of their delivery. Bouchot mussels are 100% Destination Granville Terre et Mer. “he confirms.

A la carte, Damien GOURDEL offers three recipes for bouchot mussels, accompanied by home fries.

  • Marinières: butter, shallots, onions and parsley, all drizzled with white wine.
  • Normande: butter, shallots, onions and parsley, crème fraîche, all drizzled with white wine.
  • Camembert: butter, shallots, onions and parsley, all drizzled with white wine with camembert sauce on top.

“My favorite is the Normande with a Cheverny , a white wine from the Loire Valley”he admits.


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