The Chausey archipelago from the airThe Chausey archipelago from the air
©The Chausey archipelago from the air|Marie-Claude Vergne
In the heart of protected natural sites

Sensitive natural areas

In Destination Granville Terre et Mer, various protected areas are under guard so that fauna, flora, sediments, minerals and other micro-organisms can continue to evolve in peace, far from the alteration of human hands. To guarantee this protection, men and women take action on a daily basis, ensuring that everyone finds their place in these fragile and splendid places. While you’re out and about, take advantage of beautiful, unspoilt natural settings that respect the eco-systems.

Splendid but fragile places

Most of the natural protected sites in the Granville Terre et Mer area are acquired by the Conservatoire du Littoral, which in the Manche département delegates the management of its land to the Syndicat Mixte des Espaces Littoraux de la Manche (SyMEL), an offshoot of the Conseil Départemental.

Practically all accessible to the public, each of these areas are to be respected by following a few instructions. They call on everyone’s common sense:

  • Take the marked trails to avoid trampling fragile areas,
  • Leave no trace of your passage (garbage, cigarette butts, masks…),
  • Avoid picking plants (some are protected),
  • Observe the animals without disturbing them (discretion is part of the game to have time to spot the most beautiful species).
Beautiful jewel cases

Unspoilt nature