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The Channel IslandsSo British!

The Channel Islands

Departing from Granville, take a day trip to Jersey, Guernsey or Sark.

Sailing to theChannel Islands is an excellent choice for cruising from Granville. Located some 30 miles from Granville, Jersey, Guernsey, Serq, Alderney and Herm make for original ports of call and a total immersion in English culture.

Jersey, the island of flowers, lined with high cliffs and indented with coves, is packed with lively little ports. Guernesey, Victor Hugo’s land of exile, offers breathtaking natural panoramas such as the famous “Cliff Path” with its many steps. Finally Sark, Aurigny and Herm, the wildest, are ideal for slow tourism.


The perfect island break

Jersey is an island shaped by the sea, where the tides, some of the most impressive in the world, straddle the coastline and feed the land.

An island of small size but great character, where country lanes open onto cliff tops and you’re never more than ten minutes from the sea. An island of rediscovery, offering so many opportunities for activity and exploration. An island where it’s good to catch your breath.

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The Islands of Guernsey

An irresistible blend of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and a thoroughly contemporary art of living, Guernesey is the dream destination for a short break.

Invigorating walks along cliff paths, strolls through bucolic inland landscapes or total relaxation on superb beaches, Guernesey offers an infinite number of delights.

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Isle of Sark

Sercq, the fourth largest island in the Channel Islands archipelago, lies off the Normandy coast, almost 130 km south of England.

A quick boat trip from Guernsey or Jersey brings you to this magnificent island plateau populated by almost 600 inhabitants but with no airport and no motorized traffic, where the essentials of modern needs coexist perfectly in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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Alderney Channel Islands

Aurigny, the third largest of the Channel Islands – five kilometers long by three wide – presents itself, in fact, as a village with a very distinctive style.

It has also preserved its secrets to leave you with the pleasure of discovering them.

It’s an island dedicated to nature lovers but also to families eager to escape the hectic city life.

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How to get to the

Channel Islands?

The Manche Iles Express company operates crossings to Jersey and the other Channel Islands from Granville ferry terminal. Crossings resume in April 2024.

Don’t forget your passport, it’s been compulsory since the Brexit.

Good news, though: Jersey has decided to extend the scheme allowing French nationals to travel there for the day from France using their valid ID card.

Implemented on April 22, 2023 and initially scheduled for a test period ending on September 30, 2023, this scheme is now operational until September 30, 2024.