The sun-drenched Lude valleyThe sun-drenched Lude valley
©The sun-drenched Lude valley|Alexandre Lamoureux
The Lude Valleyin Carolles
Between the cliffs of Carolles

The Lude Valley

Sandwiched between two high cliffs, the Vallée du Lude is a wilderness site of great natural wealth, protected since 1973.

And at the end

it's the sea

Encased between the two slopes of the falaises of Carolles-Champeaux, the Vallée du Lude is a wild site of great natural wealth.

It opens onto the Port du Lude, a grandiose cove of pebbles, once frequented bysmugglers.

At high tide, the sound of waves rolling over the pebbles echoes through the valley.

Fauna and flora

to preserve

Exposure to sea winds has encouraged the growth of resistant plants. In spring, the genets and ajoncs are in bloom and the whole valley is decked out in orange-yellow. On the slopes protected from the onslaught of the weather, green dominates. Oaks, willows… The forest is lush.

This valley features granitic outcrops upstream from the stream, then schistose towards the sea. There is a vegetation of fougères, aulnes, iris acores in spring, himalayan balsamroot in summer. It tends to be impoverished by overharvesting.

The very varied fauna of badgers, foxes and small rodents lives in the thickets, but it’s above all the birds that can be seen and heard; they nest here in large numbers.

To the

Vauban cabins

And Mont-Saint-Michel

Taking the GR® 223 southwards, you can reach the Vauban hut at Carolles, then the one at Champeaux a little further on.

From the top of the cliffs at Carolles and Champeaux, the view over the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is simply spectacular.

The scenery and colors change with the rhythm of the tides and the weather.

Looking in a south-westerly direction, you can admire the islet of Tombelaine and the Merveille!”