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Chanteloup castlefrom the 11th century to the present day

Chanteloup Castle

Before your eyes unfolds this family castle whose origins date back to the XIth century. Marvel at its mysterious medieval keep. Fall in love with its Renaissance facade and let us guide you as you discover its Châtelet!

1000 years of history

The origins of the Château date back to the Ist century. Indeed, the first traces of the presence of the Famille de Chanteloup date back to 1042. From the 12th-14th century period we have the foundations of the castle as well as a tower and a keep. The château has undergone multiple modifications over time, and its history is bound up in its architecture.

During the Hundred Years’ War, the château was a stronghold that the English would like to take from the French. In the 15th century, in just 31 years: the château was taken 3 times by the English, but each time recovered by its owner, Louis d’Estouteville, captain and defender of Mont-Saint-Michel. The château suffered enormously during the conflict, and Louis d’Estouteville had to rebuild part of it. To honor this great family, the king Louis XI, in August 1470, spent 2 days here with his retinue, returning from his pilgrimage to Mont St Michel.

A century of peace followed, the most prosperous period for Chanteloup castle, shattered by the Wars of Religion. In 1592, the lord of Chanteloup, a Huguenot – i.e. Protestant – was besieged by the Ligueurs. The siege lasted 7 months, but the besieged resisted!

At the time of the Révolution, the Renaissance facade was threatened with destruction because of its sculptures, deemed contrary to revolutionary ideas. The owner manages to save it in extremis. But the château still suffers from this period.

During the World War II, the château is used as a training base for young German troops.

Today, the Château is still inhabited, so it’s a “living” château. And despite its nearly 1000 years of history, the château has only been sold 2 times.

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