Stand Up Paddle in La Vanlée harbourStand Up Paddle in La Vanlée harbour
©Stand Up Paddle in La Vanlée harbour|Estelle Cohier
#SUPSliding sessionin the heart of the havre de la Vanlée

Ride a standup paddle in the heart of Havre de la Vanlée to the rhythm of the high tides

Marvel at this unique natural environment during spring tides, paddling with Gaël or Cédric from 8 Milles Nautic.

With Cédric or Gaël

of 8 Nautic Miles


8Milles Nautic – Base de Bréhal 02 33 61 78 03


42€ per supervised session. From age 14. Can be done in a kayak if the instructor is available. Maximum 16 people per outing. On request for tidal coefficients over 80.


2h to 2h30: welcome, equipment, trip (at your own expense) to the boarding area, presentation of the activity and activity on the water (approx. 1 h 30 – 5/7 km return). Return to land and debriefing – access to changing rooms.


8Milles Nautic – Base de Bréhal Avenue Dr de la Bellière Saint-Martin-de-Bréhal 50290 Bréhal

Practical info

Equipment provided: Single-seater stand-up paddle, paddle, lifejacket and wetsuit on request, showers and sanitary facilities at base departure and arrival. Equipment required: Closed-toe shoes or old tennis shoes, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, change of clothes and towel.

Throw yourself

with water

High tides are back! It’s a good time to make an appointment with 8 Milles Nautic‘s Base de Bréhal, located in Saint-Martin-de-Bréhal, where you’ll meet sailing instructors Cédric or Gaë l. If you’ve never done a stand-up paddle (SUP) before, and your balance sometimes fails you, you might think this isn’t the sport for you. But think again! Once you’re out on the water, the beauty of the landscape will make you forget your fears for good.

Take control

Stand Up Paddle

But before you can take full advantage of these sensations, you’ll need to suit up in a neoprene wetsuit and lifejacket, and then follow Cédric or Gaël to the boarding point, just a stone’s throw from an oyster farm, which is in full swing during this period of high tides. You cross the Havre de la Vanlée submersible road, still in the water. But not for long… You arrive at Les Salines, Bricqueville-sur-Mer, where you help Cedric unload the paddles, then listen carefully to the safety instructions and the route. After finding out your paddle level, Cédric explains how to place it on the water, how to position yourself on it, adjust the height of the paddles and so on. Then it’s up to you! You start out close to the shore, on your knees to familiarize yourself with the sensation of gliding, but with a weak current and little wind, you dare to stand up and, above all, look at the horizon!

Evolve in a

Havre de Paix

Le Havre de la Vanlée was formed over time by the action of the sea and the small river La Vanlée. A protected site since 1993, the sea invades this estuary at every tide, cutting it into numerous channels winding through sandbanks and grasslands. These are then covered by the rising tide, as is the submersible road! Guided by Cédric or Gaël, you approach the submersible road, which the tide has just covered, and try your hand at this slightly rougher area. You can also take a route closer to the submerged grasslands, but risk running aground on them if you come too close. You then let yourself be carried along by the current, the sea foam on the surface showing you its evolution, and enjoy the sublime view of this area rich in preserved flora and fauna. One thing strikes you: the silence… Only your voice echoes as you burst out laughing at a fall!

The current begins to ease and the foam slows. You continue to enjoy the sensation of gliding along, admiring the scenery or trying to move slightly against the current. If you’re within earshot, Cedric will give you a presentation on this natural area, its emblematic species such as the salt meadow sheep, which are withdrawn during the spring tides, and how they function… A flock of birds is spotted in the distance: the Havre de la Vanlée is home to some 150 different bird species, a veritable ornithological reserve. Cédric will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about water sports activities, with the EVB offering a range of materials. Between wonder and discussion, you drift away from the group, the tide just beginning to ebb, and Cedric or Gaël motivate and direct you up the Havre towards the submersible route. That’s it, the froth is moving in the opposite direction. You then head back towards the shore, back to the starting point. Once on dry land, you put the paddles back in place and set off again, conquered by the scenery and relaxed by the activity provided. Important information: 8 Milles Nautic reserves the right to cancel the outing or to use an alternative support if weather conditions are not suitable for safe Stand Up Paddling.

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