Fishing On Foot During High TidesFishing On Foot During High Tides
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DP – Gastronomy of Destination Granville Terre et Mer

Summary of the press kit:

  • The star products of the Granville Terre et Mer plate
  • Preservation, a challenge for the great trimmings of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay
  • Unusual experiences for the taste buds
  • Witnesses to maritime heritage
  • Granville Terre et Mer, a committed destination
  • Gastronomy in search of excellence
  • From producer and fisherman to table
Published on 19 October 2023

Press Release

At just 3h30 from Paris, gateway to Normandy, the Destination Granville Terre et Mer is taking shape between sea and bocage, a veritable natural breeding ground for small producers, breeders, craftsmen, fishermen, restaurateurs,…

For centuries, Granville Terre et Mer has lived to the rhythm of the sea, and even today, witnesses to this maritime heritage
are proudly anchored in the port. Among them are Le Marité, France’s last Terre-neuvier, which celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 24 and 25, 2023, or La Granvillaise, a replica of a bisquine, the old sailing boats used for dredging oysters, present at the Festival des Voiles de Travail last August.

Today, France’s leading shellfish port, Granville boasts 200 sailors and 51 fishing vessels. The Destination is also the ideal place for shellfish and mussel farming thanks to 42 kilometers of preserved coastline in the heart of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. A dedicated festival is even organized every year: in 2023, Toute la mer sur un plateau, which took place on October 7 and 8. The Granville Terre et Mer plate is iodized and salty: whelks, scallops, Bouchot mussels, blue lobster and Chausey bouquet, moussettes, salt-meadow lamb!!

The scene of Europe’s largest tides, the Destination offers a great natural spectacle all year round. The landscapes change with the sea, sometimes covering the dunes and grasslands, sometimes revealing the foreshore, which abounds in shellfish to the delight of fishermen on foot. On the territory, the stakes are high and fishing is sustainable, thanks in particular to gentle, selective and fun techniques. Awareness-raising, empowerment and preservation are the key to unearthing clams, cockles, razor clams and other gustatory treasures.

This unspoilt, almost wild nature inspires the Destination’s loving locals. Some draw their creativity from it to offer unusual experiences for the taste buds following the example of Sarah Herpin, at once a cook, gardener and picker, and Didier Allix, an oenologist, who likes to sublimate local produce through wine.

In addition to passing on know-how, everyone – residents, professionals, elected officials,… – is working to ensure that Granville Terre et Mer is a committed destination. The Projet Alimentaire Territorial is a priority for eating better, healthier, more local and more sustainable food “from farm to fork […] accessible to all”. Whether at the markets or with the restaurant chefs, sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. Local gastronomy is clearly in search of excellence, with labels, Maître Restaurateur titles and Michelin Guide references to back it up. From the farm that produces or breeds, to the fisherman who lands the fish, via the Halle à Marée de Granville or the processing plant, all the links in the local chain are working towards the flavors of Granville Terre et Mer.