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The gourd friendly attitude

The gourd friendly attitude

At Granville Terre et Mer, we refill your gourd at supply points #gourdefriendly

8 communes involved: Longueville, Donville-les-Bains, Granville, Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Carolles, Jullouville, Saint-Aubin-des-Préaux, Saint-Sauveur-La-Pommeraye

What is #gourdefriendly?

The Granville Terre et Mer destination, start-up Hoali and the Syndicat de Mutualisation de l’eau potable du Granvillais et de l’Avranchin (SMPGA) are joining forces to make it easy for residents and visitors to find refill points for their water bottles.

Public water fountains, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, artists… they’re getting involved to reduce plastic bottle consumption by opening their doors to you.

To identify them, around blue and white sticker is displayed on their front.

Places to refill your water bottle

To find the locations in question, two possibilities:

Water, a precious resource

The Thar (Granvillais river) and the Braize (Avranchin river) are the two main watercourses from which drinking water is produced in the Granville Terre et Mer destination. Both are protected watercourses. Their quality depends on weather conditions and the regularity of rainfall.

Protecting water resources is everyone’s business: #lechronopourpreserverleau.

Don't you have a water bottle?

1 plastic bottle not purchased = 240g of CO2 avoided!

A 600ml graduated recycled glass gourd with 600ml cork cover – 100% European is on sale (€25) at the Granville Terre et Mer Tourist Office store, 2 rue Lecampion, 50400 Granville.

Limited stock