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The Norman IPCC

The Norman IPCC

The Normandy IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) is studying and analyzing the foreseeable consequences of climate change in Normandy.

What's the IPCC Normandy?

The Normandy IPCC is an International Panel of Experts (scientists and specialists) on Climate Change that studies and analyzes the foreseeable consequences of climate change in Normandy by 2050-2100.

It presents forecasts to ensure that Normandy and its stakeholders (businesses, residents, travelers…) prepare for the impacts of climate change.

The work of the Normandy IPCC

To achieve its objective, Normandy has adopted concrete actions relating to:

– energy sobriety and efficiency (renewable energies);

– sustainable mobility; circular economy;

– natural resources and agriculture;

– adapting activities to the consequences of climate change;

– innovation and research for mitigation and adaptation;

– training and support;

– raising awareness among stakeholders and disseminating successful experiences.

It's by initiating the smallest actions that we can bring about the biggest changes.

Pierre Rabhi, French philosopher, novelist, farmer, lecturer and environmentalist.

Taking action to mitigate and adapt

key to a sustainable, inclusive future

The impacts of climate change are already being felt, and projections indicate that they will grow: flooding, heat islands, drought, forest fires, submersion…

What is the destination doing?

The Granville Terre et Mer destination has embarked on a labeling process Green Destinations (to find out more click here).

What reflexes should we adopt?

Fellow travelers, residents let’s be guardians and guardians… let’s be hummingbirds.