Picnic in the Lude ValleyZero waste picnic
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Zero waste mode activated

Zero waste mode activated

Granville Terre et Mer Tourist Office is committed to sustainable development, and would like to offer you a few ideas for reducing your waste, whether you’re on vacation, away for the weekend, or simply at home.

A zero waste picnic

On a beautiful sunny day, why not take the opportunity to recharge your batteries by the sea or in the countryside. The perfect opportunity to concoct a zero-waste picnic:

  • The trend is for reusable “bee wrap” pieces of cotton fabric coated with beeswax, easily replacing cling film or aluminum foil. Very practical for wrapping fruit, cakes, sandwiches…
  • For salads or other more fragile products, opt for the box. This will have the dual function of bringing back your organic waste for composting.
  • No cans or plastic bottles: opt for the gourd, reusable at will, and the thermos for tea, coffee or soup.
  • Prefer reusable aluminum or bamboo cutlery, a cloth napkin as well as reusable cups. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to dig out your Granville Carnival ecocup that you’ve deliberately kept as a souvenir.
  • Salads, sandwiches and cakes made with local, seasonal produce to be found at Destination markets.
  • And to carry it all, a wicker basket, isothermal bag or backpack.
  • At the end of the meal, improvise a trash can to leave no trace.
The gourd friendly attitude

You can easily find water refill points in public and private places in the Granville Terre et Mer destination by scannning the QR code.

Whether you’re strolling through town, hiking along the coast or in the bocage, join the #gourdefriendly movement.

The market and bulk shopping

To reduce your waste, you can cut down on disposable packaging when restocking. Give preference to foods sold in bulk. Here’s the essential kit for buying at markets, specialist stores or in the bulk section of food establishments:

  • A shopping bag
  • Reusable cloth or lightweight muslin bags to hold foods such as pasta, rice, lentils…
  • Empty tins or jars or even jam jars collected from parents or grandparents.

Rejouets and the collectif Zéro Déchet Granville are offering self-adhesive stickers to retailers who accept customers’ containers.

Media libraries

Instead of buying the latest novel, trade magazine or simply listening to some music or watching a film, why not subscribe for free to the media library nearest your home or vacation destination. Find the full list here.

If, for your part, at home or at the end of your stay, you have books you no longer want or need, dispose of them in the book boxes installed in many of the area’s communes.

Games and toys

Profit from dozens of games for all ages, change them often but without cluttering up or producing waste, these are the many advantages of the ludothèque Rejouets.

Since 2010, the association Rejouets, based in Bréhal, has been taking part in the collection of games and toys to be able to raise everyone’s awareness of reuse as a consumer choice. Once the items have been collected, whether they are damaged, broken or incomplete, members and employees refurbish them to offer them for sale in their boutique area.

Summer items, bags, jewelry and clothing

Before making any purchasing decisions, consider visiting flea markets and other second-hand stores first. The recycling center, the Tri-Marrant, also recovers items you no longer use. They are then resold for the benefit of reintegration, social mixing and waste reduction.

Before throwing away an object of any kind, always ask yourself if it could still be of use to anyone. If the answer is yes, then choose to give it away, sell it or recycle it.