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Perfumer's apprenticeat Dior

Perfumer apprentice at Dior

From the childhood villa of the famous couturier Christian Dior, you can learn the art of flaconnage from his creations.


Christian Dior Museum 1 rue d’Estouteville 50400 GRANVILLE

02 33 61 48 21


6€ / adult, over 16 (minors must be accompanied). Reservations required on



Meeting point

Garden pavilion located inside the Jardin Christian Dior, 2 rue d’Estouville 50400 Granville.

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Immersion in the past of

Christian Dior

Meet Jeanne-Claire at the Villa des Rhumbs in Granville, better known as the Christian Dior Museum. Passionate about the history and life of the designer, she will take you through the garden to the reading room overlooking the sea, with a bird’s-eye view of the Plat Gousset and the Haute-Ville in the background. For the record, this is where Christian Dior spent his childhood. You sit around the little table and enjoy the show, while Jeanne-Claire explains the link between the designer and perfumery. Indeed, Christian Dior was passionate about flowers, and his childhood garden was overflowing with them. In 1947, he created his first fragrance: Miss Dior, in honor of his sister Catherine.

You (re)feel

your emotions

Jeanne-Claire shows you the vials containing different scents (lily of the valley, jasmine, bergamot, vanilla, peony, patchouli, lemon, neroli etc.). She explains the 3 olfactory notes to be found: the top note (first impression), the middle note (which characterizes the perfume) and the base note (which evaporates slowly). Smell the vials and apply a few drops to the testers provided, to determine your favorites and put them together. Several attempts may be necessary. Appeal to your emotions when selecting scents: some scents are reminiscent of childhood, others of a journey, a person… Once you’ve selected your three notes on the testers, Jeanne-Claire asks you to identify who the fragrance is for: man, woman, mixed, what age group, for what occasion, etc.

To your pencils!

Then comes the time of creation: you all know the famous slogan “Dior, J’adore! ” ? Now it’s your turn to create one that matches your perfume. Using pencils, draw the bottle to give it the shape and design it deserves, with the help of books dedicated to perfumery. Drying up? Jeanne-Claire gives you the advice you need to unleash your creativity. Once your design is complete, you present it to the rest of the group before leaving the reading room, keeping your testers and your design. Stay in the enchanting setting of the Dior garden by visiting the La Rose du Rocher tea room, still in the heart of the former Dior family estate!