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Learn to taste winewith local products

Learn to taste wine with products made in Granville Terre et Mer

In the heart of Granville, you’ll meet Didier to learn the basics of wine tasting and the best ways to pair wine with local produce – 100% Granville Terre et Mer!

2019 12 Atelier Vin M.allix Experience E 292019 12 Atelier Vin M.allix Experience E 29
©2019 12 Atelier Vin M.allix Experience E 29
With Didier

Didier Allix


Didier Allix – 06 03 10 45 07 – registration required.


60€ per person / 2 to 6 people (minimum age 18).


1h30. Schedules adaptable as needed.


210 rue du Couvent – 50400 GRANVILLE

Practical info

Materials available: paper, pencils, spittoon.
Please note that this is a tasting, not an aperitif-dinner.

The theory

before practice!

At 6:30pm, you’re welcomed by Didier, who takes you into his charming kitchen.

A retired wine broker and professional taster who takes part in numerous national and international competitions, Didier is keen to share his passion.

For the purposes of tasting, a theoretical presentation is essential: the different types of wine, the major grape varieties, the stages of vinification and so on. The basics of wine will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Savoir déguster

like a pro!

Didier then shows you the tasting techniques that will awaken the sommelier in you. Your senses will be put to the test, and you’ll discover tastes and smells you never knew existed!

To do this, you observe the color of the wine (against a white background), and smell the aromas that emanate from it: citrus, cinnamon, chocolate… The expert himself may even discover scents that he hadn’t necessarily imagined before. You then take the wine to the palate to discover its aromas, again with Didier’s guidance.

Matching flavours

and the Destination!

With the technique covered, Didier introduces you to an emblematic local dish from Destination Granville Terre et Mer: the whelk from the Bay of Granville, awarded the I.G.P. label in 2019. Through a tasting session, he shows you why it goes perfectly with a specific wine.

Once the surprise is over, Didier offers youandouille fromAndouillerie Granvillaise in the same way as before, punctuated by his advice and anecdotes. Finally, a third wine is offered with another dish, this time sweet: chocolate from Yver Chocolatier. Enough to delight your taste buds!