Flowering vegetation on the Cent Vergées peat moorlandFlowering vegetation on the Cent Vergées peat moorland
©Flowering vegetation on the Cent Vergées peat moorland|Katy Bion
Sensitive natural areasLa Lande des Cent Vergées

La Lande des Cent Vergées

La La Lande

Located in Saint-Michel-des-Loups (commune of Jullouville), this 40-hectare lande is nestled in the shelter of a curtain of trees.

A peat moor

In the past, the Cent-Vergées belonged to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel and the inhabitants used to lift peat. That is, to recover the surface of the soil and dry it for use as fuel.

This peatylande is made up of bruyères and ajoncs which, depending on the season, take on purple and gold colors.

The natural heritage here is very rich, combining species typical of peat bogs with those of moorlands and wet woodlands.

One of them, rare and protected, lives there peacefully: the drosera or round-leaved crossolis, an insectivorous plant, from 2 to 5 cm in diameter.

A rich fauna

This site is also home to a rich fauna: 18 mammals including 6 bat species, amphibians, reptiles, 7 families of dragonflies, 13 grasshoppers and 4 species of rare and very rare butterflies including the Brush Lizure.

A rich natural environment to contemplate while respecting the trails winding through the lande. A few free tours are offered during the summer to discover the flora and fauna, the rest of the time free access (parking nearby).


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