The dunes of Bréville-sur-Mer, a protected natural siteThe dunes of Bréville-sur-Mer, a protected natural site
©The dunes of Bréville-sur-Mer, a protected natural site|Estelle Cohier
Sensitive natural areasThe dunes of Bréville-sur-Mer

The dunes of Bréville-sur-Mer

A protected natural site since 1998, the dunes of Bréville-sur-Mer offer a landscape typical of the western Cotentin coastline.

250 hectares of

Dunes, wet grasslands and meadows

Formed by the beach and the dune massif to the west and the hillside to the east, this area is ringed by meadows and bocage. Because of this diversity of environments, many amphibians and reptiles (wall lizard, green lizard, asp viper…) make their home here.

The surrounding wet meadows are home to orchids, rose-pimprenelle and, on the cordon dunaire, you may encounter oyats, dune thistles…

Please respect this fragile environment and do not climb on the dunes to avoid damaging them.


The dunes and marshes of Bréville-sur-Mer are home to a variety of plant and flower species, some of which are rare and protected at national or regional level.

Among the rarities: aristae buplegium, round-headed garlic, dune willow, sand elymium, bitter gentian, rough knapweed, incarnate orchid, neglected orchid, summer spiranthe, sea cabbage, water pess, marsh germander, shiny sedge, pauciflorous bulrush, false wallflower velar, ophioglossa vulgaris, small quackgrass, autumn scilla, hybrid between puff orchis and loose-flowered orchis, autumn Siranthe, cone-flowered silene, false buttercup, frog orchis, slimy bartsia and prickly bulrush, shiny sedge, wild madder.


The dunes and marshes of Bréville-sur-Mer are also remarkable for the fauna they shelter:

Insects including very rare butterflies (hada nana, agrostis graslini, archanara spargani) and the courtillière, bloody cricket, mudflat tetrix….

Rare gastropods: Mediterranean cornet and cloisonné planorbine.

A snake: asp viper (120 km north of the northern limit of its range).

Nesting birds: Belon shelduck, red-backed shrike, hoopoe, nightingale and nightingale.


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