The best places to watch the high tides

Experience the high tide at Destination Granville Terre et Mer!

You’ll be fascinated to observe the sea recede and reveal these immense stretches of sand ordinarily hidden from your view. With coefficients over 110, as is often the case in March and September (equinox tides), it’s possible for the sea to disappear over the horizon at low tide. Don’t worry, it will reappear six hours later. At high tide, if the wind is present, it will offer a pretty spectacle.

At a glance


Experience Granville's island district at high tide

15 kilometers from Granville’s Pointe du Roc, Chausey, Europe’s largest archipelago, stands out like a little paradise.

Classified Natura 2000, its reefs of all sizes point for a few hours at low tide, their granitic presence over 4,000 hectares during these high tides. By contrast, the high tide leaves only 65 hectares visible.

This demonstration of the elements’ power can be observed from the Grande Île for all visitors, and in the middle of the sandbanks for participants in the guided tours offered on Chausey by Olivier Ribeyrolles.

Le Havre de la Vanlée and

The submersible road

of Bricqueville-sur-Mer

When the coefficient is above 93, the submersible road that crosses the havre de la Vanlée disappears beneath the sea.

This phenomenon is often visible for 4 to 5 days during periods of high tides. The marsh then becomes a new playground forslide and thrill-seekers.

Then, when the sea meets the river, a wave called “the mascaret” forms.

The Vauban cabins

on the cliffs of Carolles and Champeaux

The most surprising way to see the high tides is from a height.

Destination Granville Terre et Mer offers a panoramic view of the baie du Mont-Saint-Michel.

The falaises de Carolles et Champeaux offer a unique viewpoint of this exceptional monument from, in particular, the Cabanes Vauban.

Sit on a rock facing the sea and admire the phenomenon of the high tides.

The mouth of the Thar

in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer

Another river: “The Thar“.

It’s also a playground for kitesurfers and other gliding fans who offer spectators, on the rising tide, a show of acrobatic figures.

This area is preserved and classified Natura 2000.

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